Welcome to Gusto Pizza, Westminster!

Gusto pizza aims for the highest quality and for that reason we make sure that only the finest ingredients are used on our pizzas and the proof is in the tasting! Our pizzas are cooked in traditional Italian wood fired ovens and delivered piping hot to your door.

Here at Gusto Pizza we understand the importance of a pizza’s foundation, which is why we prepare fresh dough daily to our tried and tested recipe using the finest blend of flours milled in Italy. Our authentic tomato sauce isn’t the stuff you get from a tin we use fresh tomatoes for a rich distinct taste.

Only the best, cured Italian meats are used hailing from the northern regions and considered the pinnacle of Italian food culture. Similarly, our cheese toppings include Fior di Latte mozzarella, extremely fresh and a little tangy in flavor.

We look forward to receiving your order and sharing our much loved pizzas with you.

Phone us on: 020 7286 5999
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Your local Gusto Pizza is: Maida Vale, 5 Chippenham Road, W9 2AH.
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